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Pisa Restricted Area: Map, Time, Parkings, Cameras


ZTL Areas (AR)

Where enforced cameras are

ZTL working time and days

Admitted vehicles

Authorized people

Time for loading and unloading goods

Disabled access

Hotel guests access

Temporary permits

If I got into ZTL without any permission, is it possible to revoke the fine ?

Competent Office

City website

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ZTL Areas (AR)

Pisa restricted area (ZTL Pisa) is divided into five different areas.

A) S. Francesco

B) Santa Maria

C) San Martino

D) San Antonio

E) Zona CEP

In summer, it is working, during weekand, a night ZTL in lungoarni Pacinotti, Mediceo Galilei and Gambacorti.

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Where enforced cameras are
Access to Pisa ZTL is watched by 15 cameras located in:
  • Via Carducci
  • Via di Simone
  • Via del Bibbiena
  • Porta di san Ranierino
  • Via Volta
  • Via Curtatone
  • Via Silvestri
  • Via Scorno
  • Via Turati
  • Via San Paolo
  • Via Mazzini
  • Via S, Antonio
  • Lungarno Galileo Galilei
  • Via delle Belle Donne
  • Via Pietro Toselli

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ZTL working time and days

Pisa ZTL  works every day from 00:00 to 24:00.

Pisa Night ZTL  works from the 1th May to  30 September :

  • In May, Agost e September, on Friday, Saturday and day before not working days from 22 to 3,
  • In June and in July every evening from 22 to 3 a.m.

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Admitted vehicles

In Pisa Restricted Area (Pisa ZTL ), only four wheel vehicles can't enter without any authorization, therefore motorcycles and scooters can enter without any problem.

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Authorized people

The following kinds of people can  enter in Pisa ZTL:

a) Electric Vehicles;

b) Police;

c) Voluntary organizations;

d) Public interest;

e) Public utilities;

f) Disabled people with a registered disabled persons badge;

g) Taxi and NCC;

h) Public transport;

i) Syrvellaince;

j) Authorities;

The following kinds of people can get authorization to enter in Pisa ZTL, :

a) Public Administrations and companies;

b) Voluntary organizations;

c) Press

d) Doctors;

e) Doctors.

f) local administration authority;

g) Local Administration authority.

h) Medical sales agents;

i) Sales agents;

j) Delivery goods

k)Delivery jewels;

l) artisans;

N:B: You can use permit only for enter or exit with the shorter route : you can't only cross ZTL;

m) Delivery home food.

n) Effluent sample;

o) Delivery goods;

p) move companies;

q) real estate in ZTL

r) bakeries ;

s) Lorry under 5,0 t for Delivery goods;

t) Surveillance;

The following kinds of people can enter in Pisa ZTL but they have to pay permit:

1. Residents and Dimorants who aren't residents in : Pisa, Calci, San Giuliano Terme, Cascina, Vecchiano, Vicopisano, Calcinaia, Pontedera, Viareggio, Lucca, Collesalvetti e Livorno; .

2. residents or Dimorants using not own Vehicles:

- relative not resident in thesse municipality:Pisa, Calci, San Giuliano Terme, Cascina, Vecchiano, Vicopisano, Calcinaia, Pontedera, Viareggio, Lucca, Collesalvetti e Livorno;

- convivents of residents;

- Income revenu Authority;

- Residents and Dimorants;

Parking owners can only enter but the can't park on streets.

3. private park owners.

4. Justice ministry ;

5. Delivery goods.

6. Old people.


8. shops.

it is possible to extend enter time for market .

9. Driver schools.

10. Bringing children to nursery or primary schools.

11. Workers with difficult schedule.

12. market;

13. Residentes camper;

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Time for loading and unloading goods
Authorized vehicles can deliver goods in Pisa ZTL: every days from 07.00 to 20.00

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disabled access
Vehicles for disabled people can always enter in Pisa ZTL.

There are 3 possibilities:
  • plate number in white list. It is possible to give only one number and it is free from charge .
  • notice entrance. You can notice Local police within 24 hours after entrance calling green number 800086540.On day before not working days or on not working days you can call within 24 hours of the first working days .They must tell their name , where they live, entrance date , plate number, permit number and its expiration date.
  • buying a blue band telepass They don't need to notice any plate number It costs 70 Euro. It is possible to use own telepass; in this case it cost 30 Euro.

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Hotel guests access
Hotel guests can enter in Pisa ZTL for loading and unloading luggage (parking no longer than 30 minutes).
It is up the hotel to say car plate to Local Police.

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Temporary permits
Local Police may give temporary access authorizations in Pisa Restricted Area after production of motion for these categories:
  • occasional couriers
  • movies
  • visiting doctors
  • weddings
  • weddings
  • replacement vehicles
  • occurrence
  • move
  • taxi
  • constructions
  • real estates
  • press
  • conference
  • bringing old people
  • bringing alone women
  • bringing old people
  • hotel guests
  • delivery goods

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If I got into ZTL without any permission, is it possible to revoke the fine ?
If you got in Pisa Restricted Area without any authorization you can't avoid a fine except disabled people or hotel guests.

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Competent Office

Polizia municipale Pisa

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City website

www. comune.Pisa

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  1. Peter Pajta Agosto 16, 2020 at 11:14 pm

    Hello, I am accommodated at Hotel Cecile. Am I able to park the car on the street Volta 15? There is no sign of zone or anything? Thanks for reply.
    Best Regards

    Peter Pajta

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